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Wasp FAQs

10 Tips How To Keep Wasps Away

Wasps are extremely annoying, but also very useful to natures ecosystem. How can we keep them off our dinner table anyway? We have 10 tried and tested tips for you.

1. Water Spray Bottle

Fill a spray bottle with water and use it to spray the wasps with water. The insects think that it is raining and disappear back to their nest.

2. Basil and garlic

Keep some peeled garlic and crushed basil leaves in a bowl nearby. Wasps hate the smell of basil and garlic. Planting the balcony with basil is therefore not only useful for the kitchen. And if you don't mind the smell of sliced ​​garlic, you have a repellent for wasps with it.

3. Essential oils

Wasps do not like essential oils such as citronella, clove oil or tea tree oil Citronella scent, just like clove oil or tea tree oil. There are also scented candles with a citronella scent. By the way, essential oils also drive away mosquitoes so more bang for your buck.

Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Wasps

4. Half a lemon with cloves

Since wasps do not like the smell of lemon or clove, you can also put sliced ​​lemons with cloves next to the seat.

5. Incense sticks

It is questionable whether wasps can really be chased away by incense sticks. Wasps don't like smoke, but they also like to fly an arc around the smoke to land on the object of desire.

Use Incense To Get Rid Of Wasps

6. Burning coffee powder

The smoke from coffee powder that is burned on a fire-proof base also annoys wasps. But the smoke probably bothers us humans at least as much. So rather let it be!

7. Avoid colorful clothing

Can colorful clothing attract wasps? Colorful flowers may not be as magically attracted to wasps as bees, but it is worth a try.

Avoid Bright Clothes

8. Avoid Perfume

The smell of sweet perfume not only charms people, but also wasps. So leave it out if there are wasps around!

9. Paper bag trick

Can a brown paper bag hung up as a wasp nest dummy keep wasps away? Oh well. Several wasp nests are said to have been sighted next to each other. So the effect is questionable. But since the paper bag doesn't cost much, it's worth a try.

10. Nest removal

If the wasps are really causing a problem or they are in a high risk area (for example if children play unsupervised near the wasp's nest) then the wasp nest should be destroyed by a specialist in protective clothing.


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