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Can I Remove A Wasp Nest Myself?

As the days warm up and the nights get longer, to most people this signifies spring is here and summer is not too far away. However, a bit like the grinch at Christmas, there is one animal that loves to ruin our lovely sunny days.. Yes you guessed it, Wasps!

No one likes having a wasp nest in or around their home and many home and business owners often try to remove or destroy the wasp nest themselves. Occasionally they are successful, however the vast majority of the time all they end up doing is annoying thousands of wasps and the nest remains active. Whilst having an active wasp nest inside your home or place of work can be dangerous, trying to remove it yourselves poses an even greater risk.

As you well know, wasps have a stinger (or sting) which they are not afraid to use. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times and do not die. The stinger is an incredibly sharp organ found at the back of a wasp which is capable of piercing human skin and injecting a small amount of venom which is what caused the pain.

Unlike many other insects, wasps are incredibly protective and violent. Whilst one wasp sting is more of an annoyance to most people, too many stings or if you have an allergic reaction can be very dangerous. It is always best to air on the side of caution and make sure you take proper precautions when removing a wasp nest.

It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to destroy or remove a wasp nest without and instead seek a professional service.

Three Reasons You Need a Professional Wasp Nest Removal Company

The Right Equipment

The only way to safely remove a wasps’ nest is to have the correct Personal Protective Equipment or PPE kits. The protective suits that professionals use are very similar to those used by bee keepers and protect all parts of the body and face from wasp attacks and stings. These protective wasp suits are non-bulky and flexible so ensure they don't hinder movement or visibility whilst allowing the person to be close enough to the nest to carry out the treatment without much trouble.

Highly Skilled Experts

Wasp Man is a specialist in the pest control industry. While many other companies diversify and deal with other pests, we ONLY deal with wasps. Because we specialise in just one type of pest, our understanding and experience in the removal of wasp nests is second to none. It’s what we do all day, every day.

Over the years we have tacked wasp nests in almost every conceivable location from underground nests to chimney posts and everything in between. When you call Wasp Man you can be safe in the knowledge that we have the right skills and experience to remove the nest without creating any risks for yourself, your family or work colleagues.

Ensure Your Safety

This is the number one priority on every call out we do. Depending on the location of the wasps nest quite often the removal process not that straight forward or easy, and it sometimes involves a number of different risks if the correct procedure is not followed. By having the right equipment and dealing with the wasp nest in the correct way we are able to eliminate these risks and ensure your and your family are kept safe. As such, we will sometimes ask you and / or your family members to stay inside and keep all the doors and windows closed while the wasp treatment is carried out.

We promise you a safe, fast and effective services which is something you cannot guarantee if you try to remove the wasp nest yourself.


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