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Wasp Facts

Do Wasps Return To The Same Nest?

A wasp nest is only used for a single season. Whether the nest is killed off using a pesticide or survives the summer and dies naturally, wasps do not colonise a old nest the following year. However, the wasps might decide to build a new one in the immediate vicinity.

Do Wasps Return To Same Nest?

Should you remove old wasp nests or shouldn't you?

Once a nest is dead you could safely dispose of the old nest as it will no longer be used. However there are several reasons why we often recommend leaving the nest in place:

  • Next year the queen wasp could return and build a new nest in the same spot
  • If any wasps return to the old nest, they will not survive inside for long because thr pesticide we originally used to kill the nest will still be present
  • It has been known for a treated nest to kill of other nearby wasp nests as the wasps can carry the pesticde to their new nest and infect it


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