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Wasp Nest Removal Cost

Most people discover a wasp nest during the summer months by which point they are well established and fully active, often with thousands of individual wasps.

We want our pricing to be as simple as possible so we will always quote a fixed price for the wasp nest removal. There are no hidden fees, no additional call out charges. or special weekend rates.

We will always let you know the cost and check you are happy with this before we begin any work. Our standard price is £50 for a reasonably accessible nest that is treated with a pesticide.

Average Cost (2021/22)£50
Price Range£45 - £70
Removal of Dormant Nest£25

As part of the price, we guarentee that the nest will be killed. If within 48 hours the nest is still active we will come back out to your property and carry out a second treatment free of charge.

Please note: If the wasp nest is located within a wall cavity or other enclosed space, we will still be able to treat the nest but it may not be possible to remove it.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Wasp Nest Removal

Access to Nest

There are occasions where a nest has been built in a inaccessible location. Whilst we have very long ladders and extension poles for our equipment, sometimes the nests are too high. Eg. In a high rise building or at the top of a very tall tree. We will be able to assess this when we visit your property and if specialist equipment is required (such as a boom lift or cherry picker) we will let you know of the additional costs.


Typically within Lancashire there is no additional cost for travel. If you live outside of the area we cover we can still visit you however there may be an additional cost to cover the travel.


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