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Wasp FAQs

Are Wasp Nests Dangerous?

A wasp nest can be dangerous, but it doesn't have to be

Are Wasp Nests Dangerous?

Whether a wasp's nest is dangerous or not depends on the location of the nest and behavior of people in the area. There are situations in which they can become a real hazard. However in many cases, peaceful coexistence is feasible as wasps only really attack when they feel threatened or their nest is at risk.

Can I ignore a wasps nest?

With lots of wasp species, as long as you keep a distance of two meters from the nest, then the wasps shouldn't really be a problem. An exception to this are the German and common wasps because they like the smells of our meat and sugary foods. If the position of the wasp's nest allows, an opened privacy screen (sheets, awning) can help to keep wasps away.

How to reduce the risk of a sting

  • Cover sweet smelling food and meat on the table
  • Keep the lid on sweet drinks or keep cups covered and drink with a straw
  • Be calm if a wasp comes near, get up slowly and walk away
  • Under no circumstances do aggressive movements such as blowing or hitting
  • Place bowls with ripe grapes or sugar water a few meters away


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