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Wasp FAQs

Will Council Remove Wasp Nest?

The majority of local councils in the UK will come out and treat a wasp nest for you, however some will not and every council varies in the pest control service it provides. Sometimes the council will have an internal pest control team and in other cases they will employ an external company to carry out the work. As well as wasp nests, your local council will probably treat rats, mice and bedbugs.

Are Wasps Useful?

You will need to check with your local council to find out what services they offer. Typically they are unable to help with animals like rabbits, foxes or grey squirrels.

How much does council charge to remove a wasp nest?

The price for a wasp nest removal from a council will vary from region to region. For example Wandsworth council charge £76 whereas Stockport only charge £25. There is normally a waiting list if you want the council to come out as they are seen as non-urgent jobs.

Latest council prices are:

Barnsley Borough Council - Wasps £55
Birmingham City Council - Wasps - £60 (1 July to 31 October)
Bolton Borough Council - Wasps £65 (If above gutter height £78) (1 treatment)
Bradford City Council - Not Available
Bury Borough Council - £62.50 for each nest treated
Lancashire County Council - £41.21 (1 treatment)
Chorley Council - £41 (1 Treatment)
South Ribble Council - £44 per visit
Wigan Council - £57.00 per visit
Sefton Council - £32.50 for assensment (then they quote)
Manchester Council - £64 Stockport council - £25


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